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Week of April 9
Due Date: 4/9/2018

Monday- Bellwork- Finish Questions over Chapter 3-5

Go over questions.

TN Ready practice packet 1.

Quiz over symbolism and conflict.

Read Chapter 6


Tuesday- Bellwork- Glue in Theme notes

STAR Benchmark test

Go over theme notes

Go over Practice packet 1


Wednesday- Bellwork- TN Ready practice packet 2

Read Chapter 7

Practice over Main Idea VS Theme


Thursday- Bellwork- TN Ready practice packet 3

Go over Practice packet 2

Read Chapter 8.

Research for Journal thru Writing. Use Google Classroom to link websites and the graphic organizer for notes.


Friday- Bellwork- TN Ready Practice packet 4

Go over Practice packet 3

Writing for Journal thru Writing.

Week of April 2
Due Date: 4/3/2018

Monday- Bellwork- Pre-reading questions over Esperanza Rising

Clean out the gray folders and put the pre-reading questions in the folder. Discuss some and then discuss more after the book.

Read the historical information and assign Common Lit Migrant Worker article. Allow them to be read to on the article. (7th grade level) and answer the five questions.

Read Amelia’s Road aloud and complete a Plot Chart.


Tuesday- Bellwork- Amelia Road questions

Symbolism notes from

Read pages 1-22.

Comprehension questions from Chapter 1


Wednesday- Bellwork- Finish questions from Chapter 1

Go over the questions from Chapter 1

Read pages 23-38

Group work with Symbolism- Read story and decide what is being symbolized and why? (On poster)


Thursday- Bellwork- Glue in notes

Conflict notes

Read pages 39-80.


Friday- Bellwork- None

Questions over Chapter 3-4

Conflict practice- Conflict maze

Week of March 12
Due Date: 3/14/2018

Monday- Reading Case Benchmark- abbreviated class schedule

Read Chapters 13-16


Tuesday- Math Case Benchmark- abbreviated class schedule

Questions over Chapters 13-16


Wednesday- Go over questions from yesterday.

Read Chapter 17-19.

Oregon Trail


Thursday- Finish Thunder Rolling in the Mountains

Questions and AR test


Friday- Finish the questions and writing response over Chief Joseph

Week of March 19
Due Date: 3/14/2018

Monday- Finish writing from Friday

Chief Joseph Close Reading



Tuesday- Chief Joseph Biography Stick Figure



Wednesday- Calvary Soldier article and questions


Thursday- CASE Benchmark writing


Friday- DEAR and Club Day

Week of March 5
Due Date: 3/5/2018

Monday- Bellwork-none

Read Chapter 10 aloud. Hand out “When Beaver Stole the Fire from the Pines.” Jigsaw the questions.

IXL- Focus on commas


Tuesday- Bellwork- Read AR

Discuss Jigsaw answers from yesterday.

Narrators actions and words- Groups

Paragraph writing


Wednesday- Bellwork-None

½ day for students

Nine weeks test- CASE


Thursday- Bellwork-Read AR

Chapter 11-12 aloud

Discuss mood


Friday- Bellwork-None

Field Trip- AG day!


Week of February 26
Due Date: 2/26/2018

Monday- Bellwork-

Show map of the Route of the Nez Perce. Write a paragraph about why it is important for writers to travel this?

Read aloud Chapter 1. Hand out 11A and discuss the narrator, setting, conflict and the language.

Reread Chapter 1 with partners and finish 11A handout.

Complete the 11B story map together.

Exit ticket


Tuesday- Bellwork-Make two questions over comprehension of Chapter 1

Review using the students’ questions.

Read Chapter 2-3 aloud.

Compare and contrast Chief Joseph and his daughter

Answer the 10 comprehension questions.


Wednesday- Bellwork- Handout 12

Read Chapter 4-6

Make a T-chart comparing Chief Joseph and the Red Coats arguments

Record evidence on the values on handout 13A


Thursday- Bellwork- Worksheet on introductory elements

Read Chapter 7-8

Complete Story maps.

Jigsaw with the character statement cards.

Questions with partners.


Friday- Bellwork- Finish questions

Review the Coyote and bean story.

Discuss myths and use Handout 15 (Beaver)

Quick review of story elements and questions.

Week of February 19
Due Date: 2/20/2018

Monday- No School!


Tuesday- Bellwork-Prepositions worksheet

Grade bellwork in class.

Finish centers from Friday.


Wednesday- Bellwork- - Lesson 5 question set

Discuss the painting. Read Chief Joseph article independently and discuss new vocabulary. Reread aloud. Find the main idea and supporting details.


Thursday- Bellwork-

Continue with Chief Joseph article. Text Dependent Questions and finding evidence.

Review for quiz.


Friday- Bellwork- Study for quiz

Quiz over prepositions and Titles of work and main idea.

Writing paragraph over Chief Joseph

Week of February 12
Due Date: 2/13/2018

Monday- Bellwork-

Key questions over Lewis and Clark. Rotating partner with each question.

Punctuating titles notes and practice sheet

Writing paragraph over culture


Tuesday- Bellwork- Read Culture paragraph to a partner.

IXL practice over Titles of Works

Remind about annotating text. Read article about Nez Perce Indians and annotate. Discuss unknown words or phrases.

Boxes and Bullets over Nez Perce Indians.



Wednesday- Bellwork- Lesson 3 question set

Steps to writing a strong informational Paragraph

Write an exemplar text together with two values of the Nez Perce Indians.

Independent writing of another value of the Nez Perce Indians.

Oregon Trail game when finished.


Thursday- Bellwork- Read the Life Skills and Traditions article and annotate text.

Slideshow of the Nez Perce homeland and discuss.

Read Toys article independently. Students share which lines they enjoyed the most. Oral Boxes and Bullets.

Record evidence chart over the Toys article.

Jig saw activity- Research- Food and Drink, Clothing, Getting Around, Decoration, The Tipi.



Friday- Bellwork- Prepositional phrase practice page

Writing prompt- How did the Nez Perce’s homeland influence their lifestyle and culture? Write the introductory paragraph together. They will write the body paragraphs independently.

After writing show the exemplar text and analyze it together. If time allows peer grade student writings

Week of January 29
Due Date: 1/30/2018

Monday- Bellwork- Summary sheet

STAR testing

Finish Centers from Friday


Tuesday- Bellwork-Summary sheet

Writing- Three character traits of MLK. Worksheet- whole group

Writing- Three character traits of Ruby Bridges- worksheet- Independent

IXL and


Wednesday- Bellwork-

Peer Grade Essays over Ruby Bridges

Sequencing Passages- Booker T Washington, Sojourner Truth, and Jackie Robinson


Thursday- Bellwork-

Writing CASE

Sequencing Task cards mixed with fact and opinion


Friday- Bellwork-

The Case of the Disorganized Data

Week of January 22
Due Date: 1/22/2018

Monday- Bellwork- None

Finish going over CASE benchmark

OREO writing- Pennies make sense? Or Should Chocolate Milk be Banned?

Assign weekly homework due on Friday.


Tuesday- Bellwork- MLK Bellwork

Introduce Wordly Wise Unit 5- Powerpoint- Notecards

Grade OREO writing from Monday. Partner 1- Color code all parts of OREO. Red for Opinion, Blue for Reasons, Green for Explain.  

Digital Readworks- Paired passages- MLK and Ruby Bridges


Wednesday- Bellwork- WW A and B

Grade OREO writing from Monday Partner 2- Correct any grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Yellow Highlighter

MLK Centers- Folders- Point of View, Character traits, Cause and Effect, Timeline and poetry

MLK Task cards over context clues


Thursday- Bellwork- WW C and D

Catch up day- Finish Digital Readworks, centers, and task cards


Friday- Bellwork- Review for test

Quizizz or Kahoot

WW Lesson 5 test

CASE Benchmark

Week of January 8
Due Date: 1/8/2018

Monday- Bellwork- WW4c


Common Lit assignment- The Poetry Quilt

IXL- P1,P2,P3,Q1,Q2,Q3

Kahoot- Wordly Wise 4


Tuesday- Bellwork- WW4d

Hand out the Prove it articles and questions. Assign the two stories to be due on Friday.

Read Escape from War. 

Complete the summary and Finding the Main idea and supporting details worksheet.

Watch Scholastic Video- Behind the Scenes: Escape from War

Complete the Video Discussion Questions.

Go over CASE test- 1st story questions- 1-8


Wednesday- Bellwork- WW4 review sheet

Quizizz review over Wordly Wise

Reread Escape from War. Use Composition notebook to look up Inferencing. Review what it means and examples. Complete the making inference worksheet. Students must infer and support their inference.

CASE test- 2nd story and questions 9-17


Thursday- Bellwork- Study for Wordly Wise test 4

Wordly Wise test 4

CASE test- 3rd story and questions 18-23

Tic-Task-Toe grammar centers


Friday- Bellwork- Turn in Proof It Articles.

CASE test- 4th story and questions 24-35

Opinion Writing- Do pennies make sense?



Week of January 1
Due Date: 1/3/2018

Monday- No School

Tuesday- No School

Wednesday- Bellwork- Notecards for WW 4

Finish notecards and go over WW4 powerpoint

Storyworks- October November 2016- The Ghost of Specter Elementary- Look over title and discuss key vocabulary- specter, ramshackle, curtly, gullible, blanched, winced, visible

Read story aloud. Complete the plot chart worksheet together. Review theme and complete theme worksheet with small group or partner and check. Complete character change and the quiz independently.


Thursday- Bellwork- WW4a

Go over WW4a.

Watch video over women’s roles during the war.

Have the students preread the story “When Girls Ruled Baseball.” Discuss. Complete the setting worksheet together.

Assign the comprehension questions for a grade.

If time allows assign roles for the play and have the students practice reading their roles.


Friday- Bellwork- WW 4B

Check WW4B

Use the worksheet as a guide to discuss how roles have changed after the war. Also talk about how they cite evidence to support the roles.

Take the quiz over “When girls ruled baseball.”

Read “Escape from War” and the poem “Always.” Complete the summary Lower level version with the help questions and Finding the Main idea and supporting details.

Week of November 27
Due Date: 11/27/2017

Monday- Bellwork- None

Star Benchmark test

Digital Readworks article over Children of the Holocaust


Student Conference over Star testing


Tuesday- Bellwork: Inference worksheet

Inferencing- Telephone intro, notes in notebook.

Literal and inferential Picture cards

Inference worksheet for practice


Wednesday- Bellwork- Inference sheet

Yellow Story Elements Inference task cards- evens and odd.

Buddy the Elf- Practice sheet


Thursday- Bellwork- Inference sheet

Reading Skill Focus- Inference- 1 together,1 with small group, 2 independently

Pull apart the prompt powerpoint- Review OREO writing


Friday- Bellwork- Inference sheet

CASE quiz over inference

Oreo Writing- Should all kids receive trophies?


Week of October 23-27
Due Date: 10/23/2017


Bellwork- Brainteaser

Introduce Wordly Wise lesson 3- powerpoint---Make Notecards

I love Lucy episode with worksheet


Tuesday- Bell Ringer: Wordly Wise Lesson 3a

Multiple choice task cards

IXL- V1, V2, V3, V4


Wednesday- Bellwork- Wordly Wise Lesson 3b and 3c

Story Elements Centers


Thursday-Bellwork- Wordly Wise lesson 2 practice sheet

Go over centers from yesterday

Story elements task cards (1/2 sheet cards) Pick 2

Writing activity- Draw a setting and a character. Create a narrative story.


Friday- Bellwork- Wordly Wise practice

Wordly Wise Test- lesson 3

Glue in conflict notes- Discuss types of conflict

Week of October 16-20
Due Date: 10/16/2017

October 16-20


Bellwork- Brainteaser

Introduce Wordly Wise lesson 2- powerpoint---Make Notecards

Take Wonder AR test

IXL- Text structures


Tuesday- Bell Ringer: Wordly Wise Lesson 2a

Digital Readworks- Casey at the Bat and I Break Stuff for a Living


Wednesday- Bellwork- Wordly Wise Lesson 2b

Oreo Writing- Powerpoint and notes in book

“Too big to play” article


Thursday-Bellwork- Wordly Wise Lesson 2c

Flo-Cabulary rap over Story Elements

Notes in interactive notebook


Friday- Bellwork- Wordly Wise practice

Wordly Wise test

Story Elements continued- Sorting practice activity and passages


Week of October 2-6
Due Date: 10/3/2017


Wonder pages 250-262

Partner work- Posters with different text structures


Tuesday- Bell Ringer:

Wonder- pages 263-275

Catch up day/ IXL

Text structure task cards for a grade.



Wonder- pages 275-310

Review for test and IXL practice



9 weeks test



Imagine day!



Week of September 25-29
Due Date: 9/25/2017


Wonder 177-185

Finish centers- Cup activity, Partner plays, Stories

Begin IXL- U1, U2, U3, U4

Tuesday- Bell Ringer:Wbp 182

Wonder- pages 187-204

Biography Character Traits posters

·                   *George Washington

·                    * Bill Clinton

·                    *Ellen Ochoa

·                     * Thurgood Marshall


Quiz over 3,4,5- Wonder and Character Traits

Wonder- pages 206-222

Informational Text Structures- Use powerpoint and glue in notes chart


Wonder- pages 223-234

Informational text structures- Glue in foldable examples

Alcatraz examples


Wonder- Pages 236-248

Partner project on text structures.

Week of September 18-22
Due Date: 9/21/2017

Lesson Plans

September 18 -22

Monday- DATA DAY- NO school


Tuesday- Bell Ringer: Grammar page

Wonder- pages 119-132

What a Trait powerpoint

Glue in Character trait notes

·         List of traits

·         Notes page


Wednesday- Bell Ringer: Grammar page

Wonder- pages 133-145

Character traits and actions powerpoint

Green character traits M/C cards- whole group on Elmo

Character traits m/c task cards


Thursday- Bell Ringer: Grammar page

Wonder- pages 146-159

Centers- Character Traits

·         Partner plays- Pick 3 out of 5

·         Story Task Cards (Fullpage) Pick 5 out of 9

·         Cup sorting of traits- with teacher help.


Friday- Bell Ringer: Grammar page

Wonder pages 160-175

Biography Character Traits posters

Week of September 11-15
Due Date: 9/11/2017

Monday- Bell ringer- Wbp 9

*Finish stations from last week. Main idea task cards, teacher station, Therapy dogs ws, and main idea ws(The Brooklyn Bridge)

*Introduce Via- Play “Space Oddity” with lyrics. Discuss meaning.

*Read Wonder Ch 32-38, pages 82-96.


Tuesday- Bell Ringer: WBp 10

*Auggie Quiz- M/C and short answer

*Discuss differences in perspective. Vias’s vs Auggie’s

*Wonder Ch 39-43 pages 97-106.

*Main idea games- Topple and Spoons



*Monthly STAR test

*Main idea study guide

*Wonder- Ch 44-47, pages 107-117.



*Quiz over Via- M/C and short answer

*Quiz over Main Idea

*Introduce Summer part- with song

*Wonder Ch 48-53 pages 119-132



*Wonder Ch 54-58 pages 133-145

*Oreo powerpoint with examples. (Oreo Writing TPT)

*Put outline in notebook and write together about the 300 lb football player.

*Do you want a Therapy Dog opinion writing. Do this with a partner. Needs to be one paragraph and at least 8 sentences. Fill out the graphic organizer and write paragraph.



September 4-8
Due Date: 9/6/2017


·         NO SCHOOL!! Labor Day



·         Bell Ringer- None

·         Finish main idea task cards

·         Continue working on Main idea on IXL

·         Wonder Chapter 15-18 pages pages 40-50




·         Bell Ringer-Wbp7

·         Explicit and implicit main idea

o   Notes and powerpoint

·         Wonder Chapter 19-21- pages 51-60


·         Bell Ringer:

·         Main idea practice worksheet for a grade

·         Wonder Chapter 22-29, pages 61-75

·         Jigsaw- wonder questions


·         Bell Ringer:

·         Wonder Chapter 30-31 pages 76-80

·         Use computers to work on Therapy dogs worksheet. Research and answer questions.


August 28- September 1
Due Date: 8/24/2017


·         Bell Ringer: Common Core ELA Practice

·         Hook- Main idea Flocabulary on You tube

·         Main Idea powerpoint (Topic) Slides 1-19. Put notes in composition notebook. Use 2 practice worksheets (red fox and Weddell seal as practice on Elmo.)

Read chapters 5-7 pages 10-18. 



·         Bell Ringer- Common Core ELA Practice

·         Main idea powerpoint continued. Slides 20-30. Continue with notes.

·         Main idea practice worksheet

·         Read chapters 8-10 pages 19-30

·         Comp questions 5-10.



·         Bell Ringer- Common Core ELA Practice

·         Main Idea powerpoint continued. Discuss implicit and explicit main idea. Finish notes.

·         Main idea tasks cards -Multiple choice 1-8

·         Read chapters 11-14. Finish comprehension questions.



·         Bell Ringer: Common Core ELA Practice

·         Main idea task cards- Students will choose 10 out of 16 cards and write the main idea and topic. This will be a grade.

·         Wonder Chapters 15-18



·         Bell Ringer: Go over Common Core ELA Practice

·         Wonder Chapters 19-21, pages 51-60

·         Use computers to work on Therapy dogs worksheet. Research and answer questions.

August 21-25
Due Date: 8/21/2017

Monday- Finish Eclipse Myths

            -Correct sentences quiz

            -Read Leveled articles over solar and lunar eclipses

Tuesday- Present Eclipse myths

            - Eclipse acrostic poem

            - Art eclipse

Wednesday- Subjects and predicates

                   Notes and task cards

                -Wonder intro and chapter 1-2

Thursday- Finish task cards and go over

              - One word activity

              -Continue Wonder- Chapter 3-4

Friday- Picture Day

          - DEAR


August 14-18
Due Date: 8/15/2017


·         Bell Ringer: Sunshine worksheet

·         Poetry worksheet

·         Sentences- Fragments

o   Notes in Composition book

o   Powerpoint

o   Practice


·         Bell Ringer- Sunshine Worksheet

·         Wordly wise lesson 1A

o   Make notecards

o   Powerpoint over the words

·         Review worksheet over Fragments

·         Sentences practice- Run ons

o   Powerpoint- notes



·         Bell Ringer- Sunshine worksheet-

·         Wordly Wise lesson 1B and 1C

·         Tic Tac Toe cards- practicing Runs and Fragments

·         Review worksheet over Fragments/ run-ons/sentences

·         Sentences Practice- Types of sentences

o   Powerpoint- notes

o   Practice worksheet


·         Bell Ringer: Sunshine worksheet

·         Wordly Wise 1D

·         Wordly Wise review- Kahoot

·         Eclipse Activity


·         Bell Ringer: Check bellwork

·         Wordly Wise test

·         Sentences- Fragments and run on quiz

August 7-11
Due Date: 8/6/2017



·         Bell Ringer: Morals Monday- What does the quote mean?

·         Go over bellwork sheet. (Rain) will be due on Thursday.

·         Finish Pineapple project. 

·         Hand out the reading levels and conference with the students.

·         Begin Back to school passports- Find someone who and Hashtags

·         First day Butterflies- Story (comprehension, POV, figurative language)


·         Bell Ringer- Travel Tuesday- Favorite place to go

·         Finish First day Butterflies and discuss.

·         Divide students into four groups

o   Group 1- Continue working on passports- Last year vs this year, comic strips

o   Group 2- Reader’s Theater- Back to school

o   Group 3- One Room Schools- story (comprehension, main idea, supporting details)

o   Group 4- Reading interest survey


·         Bell Ringer- One wish Wednesday-

·         Present Reader’s Theater- Back to school

·         Continue with group work from yesterday

o   Passports

o   Reader’s Theater- New at School

o   One Room Schools

o   Reading interest survey


·         Bell Ringer: Thumbs up Thursday- One thing that happened this week that was really good

·         Present Reader’s Theater- New at school

·         Catch up day- Finish any tasks

o   Reader’s Theater- One word

o   Reading survey

o   Passports

o   One room Schools

·        Introduce 12 powerful words and First Day of School Poem


·         Bell Ringer: Favorite Friday- Favorite food

·         “One word”

RLA week of November 30
Due Date: 12/1/2015

Monday- Bellwork packet (due on Friday. Discuss changes in Auggie.  Review and add to the Point of View notes.  Point of View powerpoint.  "Voices in the Park" video.  Read Wonder.  Homework- Bell work packet due Friday.

Tuesday- Bellwork.  Review point of view. Introduce perspective. Watch "The true story of the three little pigs." Discuss the differences in perspective.  Relate this to Wonder.  Start Point of View/ Perspective picture activity. Read Wonder. Homework- Bellwork due Friday.

Wednesday- Bellwork. Review Point of View and Perspective.  Finish the Picture activity from Tuesday.  Show the Toy Story Clip and discuss the different perspectives.  Read Wonder. Homework- Bellwork due Friday.

Thursday- Bellwork- Point of view Taskcards. Read Wonder. Homework- Bellwork due Friday.

Friday- Bellwork due. Quiz over Point of View and Perspective. Finish Wonder.  Writing Activity over Mr. Browne's Precepts.

RLA week of November 9
Due Date: 11/9/2015

Monday- Bell ringer- Common core packet

Informational writing. Read chapters 48-53 in WONDER.  Discuss comprehension questions together.

Homework- Bell work packet due Friday.


Tuesday- Bell ringer- Common core packet

Alcatraz passages and information text. Read chapter 54-58 in WONDER.  Discuss comprehension questions together.

Homework- Bell work packet due Friday.  Quiz over VIA and SUMMER.


Wednesday- Bell ringer- Common core packet

Quiz. Partner work with informational text.

Homework- Bell work packet due Friday.  Summer summary page.


Thursday- Bell ringer- Common core packet

Finish Summary. Read chapter 59-64 in WONDER. Discuss comprehension questions together.

Homework- Bell ringer packet due tomorrow


Friday- Bell ringer-Common core packet

Read chapter 65-69. Discuss comprehension questions together. Text structure worksheet.

Homework- none

RLA week of September 28
Due Date: 9/29/2015

Monday- Bellwork over nouns. Read "Elisa" in class and discuss vocabulary.  Sheet packet over story and vocabulary.  Homework- none

Tuesday- Bellwork on grammar practice. Finish debate from Friday.  Notes on nouns.  Homework- Wbp 21-22

Wednesday- Bellwork on grammar practice.  Go over homework and noun review.  Discuss verbs.  Homework- None

Thursday- Bellwork on grammar practice. Worksheet over verbs.  Discuss adjectives and adverbs. Homework- None

Friday- Bellwork on grammar practice. Practice over parts of speech.

RLA week of September 21
Due Date: 9/22/2015

Monday- NO SCHOOL! Admin Day!

Tuesday- Introduce Wordly Wise.  Discuss new words and learn definitions.  Oreo (Opinion) Writing. Powerpoint and news article.  Homework- Study Wordly Wise.

Wednesday- Wordly Wise 3a. Continue Oreo (opinion writing) In class writing and conferences. Homework- Study Wordly Wise

Thursday- Wordly Wise 3b and 3c. Finish Oreo (opinion writing) In class writing practice for a grade. Homework- Study for Wordly Wise Test

Friday- Wordly Wise test over Lesson 3.  Story works.

RLA week of September 14
Due Date: 9/15/2015

Monday- Inferencing Power point. Finish Old Yeller.  Homework- Study for Old Yeller test.

Tuesday- Old Yeller test.  Begin Old Yeller movie.  Work on comparing and contrasting the movie and book. Homework- None

Wednesday- Finish Old Yeller movie. Discuss differences and similarities in movie and book. Writing prompt over Old Yeller. Homework- Finish writing prompt.

Thursday- Inferencing worksheet. Read "Off and Running" out of the Reading textbook. Discuss inflection and ways to read a story. Homework- none

Friday- Reread "Off and Running"  Use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the main characters.  Homework- none

RLA Week of September 7
Due Date: 9/8/2015

Monday- Labor Day Holiday! No School!

Tuesday- Bellwork:Grammar review- Introduce Wordly Wise Lesson 2- Discuss words, synonyms, and antonyms. Read Old Yeller Chapter 10. Homework- Study Wordly Wise

Wednesday- Bellwork: WW 2a- Old Yeller Chapter 11- Inferencing Notes and ACE- Homework- Study Wordly Wise

Thursday- Bellwork: WW 2b, 2c, 2d- Old Yeller Chapter 12-13.  Homework- Study for Wordly Wise Test

Friday- Bellwork-  Wordly Wise quiz- Review inferencing.  On the Grid Activity. Homework- NONE

RLA Week of Augusr31
Due Date: 9/3/2015

Monday- Grammar review- Read Chapter 5 in Old Yeller- Answer questions for chapters 4-5. Homework-None

Tuesday- Grammar review- Quiz over character traits- Read chapter 6 in Old Yeller- Homework- None

Wednesday- Grammar Review- Read chapter 7 in Old Yeller- Discuss similes and metaphors- Begin Task cards around room- Homework- none

Thursday- Finish Task card over similes and metaphors. Read chapter 8-9 in Old Yeller. Homework- "Do Animals Have Feelings" article and questions

Friday- Turn in Homework- Write a persuasive ad for a shelter pet using positive character traits, similes, and metaphors. Homework- none