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Ms.  Dorethea  A.  Royle
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Principal's Corner


Welcome back to a new school year at McKenzie Middle School! This has been an exciting and extremely busy first few weeks of school. Teachers have spent time teaching procedures, getting to know their students, and preparing engaging lessons in their content area. In addition, everyone has been looking forward to Eclipse Day! We are delighted to have two new staff members, Corrie Burris (8th gr ELA) and Mandy Davis (teacher assistant) join us.

Our theme for this school year is "IMAGINE". Each month we will focus on different ways to stretch our imagination. Several different school and community activities have been planned to support our theme.

August – Imagine what you can achieve.

September – Imagine what success looks like to you.

October – Imagine how you can serve.

November/December – Imagine how you can give.

January – Imagine a new beginning.

February – Imagine where you can go.

March – Imagine a better world that starts with you.

April/May – Imagine how much more you can accomplish.

Students have completed their first STAR benchmark assessments in Reading and Math. Hopefully, your child has shared his/her results with you. These assessments help teachers in identifying specific skills that our students may need additional instruction for mastery. Please encourage your child to do his/her best each time they take these online assessments. Benchmarks will be given again in November and March.

We invite you to become a volunteer at MMS! There are so many ways to be a part of helping our students grow and we believe the school, parents, and community can truly make the difference in the lives of every child. Please contact the school to discuss how you can become a partner with us!


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